Insects, Spiders and Scorpions of the Southwestern United States


Get acquainted with the colorful, quirky and occasionally threatening inhabitants of the Southwest: insects, spiders and scorpions. These abundant animals inhabit every area of the region, thriving in sweltering deserts, tree-lined mountain ridges, rocky canyons and busy urban settings. While often hidden from view, they are crucial to the health of the ecosystem, serving as pollinators, consumers of harmful pests, decomposers, and food for other animals. The guide includes photos of insects, spiders and scorpions in their natural surroundings, details about their diet and habitats and interesting facts about their behaviors, adaptations and life cycles.

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  • Lightweight and portable—sized for backpack, pocket
  • Laminated for durability and water resistance
  • Accordion-fold design with unique wrap-around cover and interlock-snap closure
  • Large, full-color photos of animals with close-ups of distinguishing details
  • Easy-to-read, interesting details about each animal
  • Region-specific animals shown in natural settings

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