Birds of the Southwestern Mountains and Plateaus


The Southwest’s rugged mountain ranges, immense plateaus and isolated sky islands are home to a broad assortment of birds—from fierce raptors to delicate hummingbirds. Discover the most widespread birds in these unique Southwestern habitats and learn to identify them by their appearance, actions and other distinguishing characteristics.

Conveniently organized by overall size to simplify identification, the guide includes photos of birds in their natural surroundings, details about their diet and habitats, and interesting facts about their behaviors, routines and adaptations.

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  • Lightweight and portable—sized for backpack, pocket
  • Laminated for durability and water resistance
  • Accordion-fold design with unique wrap-around cover and interlock-snap closure
  • Large, full-color photos of birds
  • Easy-to-read, interesting details about each bird
  • Region-specific birds shown in natural settings

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